We Will Beat Any Competitor's Rate!*

Rates and Terms

Sii Capital Financing provides fast and creative financing solutions for today's investor, making finding funding the easiest part of any real estate deal. An excellent alternative for investors who don't meet the rigid requirements and guidelines of conventional lenders, Sii Capital gets money into deals without performing rigorous and time-consuming credit or background checks. When you work with Sii Capital, you benefit from quick decisions, fast turn-around, and the comfort of knowing that you are working with a lender that works as fast and creatively as you do!

No Credit Checks Necessary

We pride ourselves in giving all real estate investors access to the capital necessary to build their real estate portfolios and investment careers. That's why we lend on the asset and not a person's past credit history.

However… What if you have Good-to-Great Credit?

Although we don't punish you for having an awful or mediocre credit score, we do reward you for having great credit. It's called The Sii Capital Advantage and it's providing borrowers with great credit scores and access to cheaper money!

How it Works: It's All Based on a Tiered Model

Every loan application is assigned a Sii Capital Tiered Rating. Through our proprietary system, which allows us to maintain consistency in our evaluation, Sii Capital Tiered Ratings permit potential investors to easily consider a loan application's level of risk. 

The Credit-Based Pricing Model

Credit-Based pricing begins with a credit check. FICO score will determine the pricing tier. Product add-ons/deductions will apply.
Determining factors:
- Credit Score
- Number of Previous Sii Capital Loans Paid Off
- Number of Performing Sii Capital Loans
- Terms- Defaulted Sii Capital Loans
A credit score of 720 or higher will put the borrower in Tier 1. A credit score of 680 to 719 will put the borrower in Tier 2. A credit score of 620 to 679 will put the borrower in Tier 3. A credit score of 619 or less will put the borrower into Tier 4.
Each tier has an assigned rate and point percentage.
Your credit score will also dictate whether you need to supply us with verifiable asset statements. If you fall into the first top tiers, your reputational capital speaks for itself and we go off of stated bank financials. If you fall in the bottom two, we'll still need 3 months of verifiable bank statements. Credit is pulled on all tiers except for the final tier. If you don't want your loan based on your credit score, we won't pull credit and you'll fall into the fourth tier until you can prove your worthiness through closed and performing loans with Sii Capital Financing.

The Performance-Based Pricing Model

Performance-Based Pricing does not require a credit check. The pricing will begin at Tier 5 and the product add-ons/deductions will apply.